I love these glasses. A friend of mine bought me a pair of the readers while shopping on a plane and she said, “These will look great on you” and she was right. That was about 6 years ago and I have bought and re-bought the same glasses over and over again.  I don’t loose them often but daily someone asks me where they can get them and many times I just give them a pair.  I think I have about a dozen always on hand and they have been a great gift for my friends that are in need of a cool pair of “readers”. 

I love these glasses and worry that they will run out!  The experience of buying from this company is amazing.  The first time I received a hand written “thank you” from the company C.E.O. and that impressed me to the point I called to find out who she was...we have talked and e-mailed over the years and she is super as is everyone at this company.  The product is amazing and the experience of buying from this company is A+ excellent.  Jane and her crew always amaze me with their attention to detail, fantastic & customer service, attitude and honesty.  Frankly if everyone was this pleasant to do business with...the world would be a lot more fun!

Marc B. Los Angeles, CA

Perfect for working on your computer! I tried these with my computer and they cut the glare just right! 

Burke F

These are great looking glasses. These are very nice looking glasses with a cool case. Great delivery, on time as always.

Mark W

Sun Readers,Excellent product for the money! Compliment that with Jane 's repeated consistent customer service. Very helpful indeed. A very satisfactory experience every time. Thank you!

Bert R.

My husband has not taken off his pair. A must have!

Phyllis G.

Sun Readers,"These readers are AWESOME and the case is great, too! I hated trying to read by the pool and getting a headache because I either had reading glasses OR sunglasses on. These readers have fixed that.  Bring on the sun !!  Jane's assistance during the purchase was fantastic."

Judy S.

Came in just in time for my vacation. I am so glad that I ordered them. It was really nice not having to wear a pair of sunglasses over my readers. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


I really like the sunglass readers.

Nikki R.

Comfortable, Light, and Great Value, The White Readers I ordered are exactly what I was hoping for - comfortable, light and well made!  And the Bibia sunglasses are a steal - I was so impressed by the first pair I received that I had to order a spare pair!"

Charles K.