2016 Awards Season Gift Bag is ready! Win!

by jane ubell February 21, 2016

2016 Awards Season Gift Bag is ready! Win!

Madison Mulholland's 2016 Awards Season Gift Bag

Thrilled and excited to now offer our gift bag on eBay.

We're raising money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation!

Plus ENTER TO WIN- Over the next week (SUNDAY FEB 21-SUNDAY FEB 28)  we will be giving away a few select items from our gift bag.


  • You have to enter a friend's name and email.
  • If chosen, You will both win something.
  • However, You and your friend must pay for shipping - which we which we won't know until we start to ship, then we will tell you exactly how much it is....you will pay actual shipping costs (no handling fee).
  • You and your friend most likely will not receive the same gifts
  • We cannot gift the trip to Antigua.

Click and enter to win!

 Good luck!

Thought you should know WHY we do this!

Our "Gift Bag Business" was created specifically to present new products and services to Hollywood's elite A-list. These men and women have the power and the influence to take a product from an entrepreneur and present it or use it in production. As a former TV and film producer, I know that using a new product in a production can have a tremendous effect on a company's brand awareness. These gifts are not intended for personal use for use in production.

jane ubell
jane ubell