Ever want to re-invent yourself?

by jane ubell November 22, 2016

Ever want to re-invent yourself?

This might be a strange place to talk about it. But at this time of year, I think about a number of things.

  • What I am grateful for
  • What I have accomplished
  • How I have helped people
  • What I am doing with my life.

Which brings me to one of my favorite things--what am I doing with my life. If I were asked to describe myself here is what I would say:

I am a wife, a step-mother, an artist and an entrepreneur. And now I am working on my next re-invention. Re-inventing my life is an evolution. I am forever evaluating what my passions are and what my goals are.

What's yours? What is your passion? Can you turn your passion into a business?

Let me know...jane@janeubell.com or express it here!

jane ubell
jane ubell


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