Boudoir Butter just launched in Hartford CT

by jane ubell September 12, 2015

Turns out CT is open, open to the conversation that is sometimes difficult to have. We found the marjority of women we spoke to opened up to us, to talk about why women need Boudoir Butter.


In fact, what's interesting is that we debuted this new product at a woman's expo and quess what? While a few were "skittish" some were downright thrilled to finally talk about a hidden subject. Pain in an intimate area, during an extremely intimate time can be embarrassing. Women can feel "shameful" or just too shy to open up the dialogue.

We are grateful to be here for you and everyone at BB is trying to help women talk about personal problems and feel comfortable....

Why do you think it's so difficult to talk about  painful sex? I want to hear from you!

jane ubell
jane ubell


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