Top 10 Places I NEVER thought I Needed Readers...

by jane ubell October 14, 2014

Top 10 Places I NEVER thought I Needed Readers... 
1. Post Office: I had to ship something, then had to choose the"Yes or No" button on the electronic screen. Couldn't read a thing, and I hit "YES" basically admitting, I was mailing something dangerous. OOPS! Thank goodness I had an extra pair of readers in my handbag.
2. In the Car: GPS massacre? No, I did not need to drive to Texas when I live in Connecticut! Thank goodness I had an extra pair of readers in the glove compartment!
3. The Kitchen: Close call in the freezer, Brewing coffee...Decaf? or caffeine? Can't live without the real thing! Nice to have an extra pair in the kitchen...and of course I share them with my husband.
4. In the bedroom: When the cell phone rings in the middle of the night - I really need my readers instantly!! Don't You?
5. At the gym: I hate putting on my earbuds in and not knowing if the "R" is in the right ear and the "L" is in the left one. Know what I am talkin' about? Leave a pair in your gym bag!
6. In my office: Well who can actually see your computer screen without them? That's a natural!
7. The Bathroom: Thought I was taking 2 anti inflammatory pills, I grabbed my readers just in time...I was just about to pop 2 lomotil! Always have a pair in the "john".
9. The Laundry Room:We keep our tool box in there. When you need a philips screwdriver, you really need one! Always keep an extra pair there!
10. Family/Living Room: Watching TV? Want to change to a particular channel? Need I say more?

jane ubell
jane ubell


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