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by jane ubell April 13, 2014

How do you create a sustainable online e-commerce business? Good question.

My first inclination is to "do" or sell what you love.

However, I can only assume there are a million blogs out there and websites with people selling offers of stuff they love. What makes one online business successful and so many others not? My guess, is that whatever you are selling, solves a problem of some kind. Or the products just "speak" to your inner "want" or "need". There is a lot to be said for grassroots marketing, where you tell one person who tells another. Isn't that what the web is all about? So I am looking for suggestions. This is my first attempt to do this full time every day and in every way possible. Having said that, my first product I am  launching is the PT2 Tech Sunglasses. I am in "Beta Test" mode now. What does that mean? For twenty bucks, get a pair, review and send me a "selfie" (

Cool? We will see if people like these glasses. Then on to media, Amazon and the world.

So go for it and help me test these puppies!

Oh and first day of launch we made it as "Item of the Day" in Accessories Magazine (see below). Want to become an affiliate--what that means is for every person you pass this along to and buys, you get $4. A quick and easy way to make cash. If you have any ideas on how to get the "buzz" out let me know.


Selfie with new line of "Swiss Round Readers"


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