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      • look who's in AARP!

        do check this out! http://blog.aarp.org/2014/10/14/all-about-readers-from-an-eyewear-pro/

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      • Top 10 Places I NEVER thought I Needed Readers...

        Top 10 Places I NEVER thought I Needed Readers...  1. Post Office: I had to ship something, then had to choose the"Yes or No" button on the electronic screen. Couldn't read a thing, and I hit "YES" basically admitting, I was mailing something dangerous. OOPS! Thank...

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      • 10 years and a great week!

        Thank you. As Madison & Mulholland celebrates 10 years. I am so appeciative of the wonderful responses to my 10th anniversary in business. People often ask my why reading glasses? Is it because I need one in every room? Perhaps, but I find it really interesting that readers and sun...

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